High quality Automobile shock buffer is very important. It shoulders the smooth running of the car. Many novice drivers do not know the relevant issues in this regard. I have a problem and don't know how to fix it. The following is the structure and application of some automobile shockproof seals compiled by car enthusiasts. I hope it helps them.
The shock absorber oil seal structure is divided into three parts: shock absorber oil seal body, reinforced frame and self-tightening coil spring

Car shock absorbers are very important. It shoulders the smooth operation of the car. Many novice drivers do not know about related issues in this regard. I do n’t know how to repair it if there is a problem. The following is some of the structure and application of some of the car shock sealing by the editors for the riders. I hope it will help them.
There are three parts of the oil seal structure of the shock absorber: the oil seal of the shock absorber, the strengthening of the skeleton

I. ensure the production and inspection of the products from the factory in accordance with relevant national standards, and unqualified products will never leave the factory. Ensure that strictly fulfill and fulfill the three packages of products, and strictly implement the relevant provisions of the after -sales service of national industrial products.
2. The user puts forward a quality objection to our company's products. The company promises to make a handling of handling within 24 hours af

Performance: Poor lips, early leakage; poor quality of the spring or failure, early leakage; the radial pressure is too small, early leakage;
Reason: Poor quality in manufacturing, burrs or defects in the mouth of the blade; too loose spring, too tight force, etc.
Solution: Remove the burrs or replace the oil seal; replace the oil seal spring; adjust the oil seal spring and so on.

Performance: There are obvious scars in the mouth of the lips, leaks in the early days; the oil seal is deformed by butterfly;
Reason: During assembly, the oil seal is scratched through the key slot or thread to scratch the lip mouth; the oil seal installation tool is improper; the shaft end is improper, the smoothness is too low, or the assembly is too strong, causing the oil seal lips to flip or spring fall off.
Solution: Replace the oil seal and reinstall it, use a protective cover to protect

Performance: Poor lubrication, severe wear of the lip and mouth, and more than 1/3 of the width, showing no gloss; lubricating oil contains dust, impurities or no dustproof devices, dust, foreign matter, etc. invading invasion and other foreign objects invasion and other invasion.
Reasons: poor lubrication, dry friction of the lips; unclean oil, the hydraulic pipe system is too dirty; due to dust and other invasion of the lips, cause abnormal wear; Lip mouth; cast -type sand invading lip mouth;

Performance: overheating or cracking on the lips; poor lubrication, lip hardening, cracking; lip bloating and softening;
Reason: The temperature of the working medium is higher than the design value, exceeding the durable limit of rubber; poor lubrication, dry friction; the compatibility of rubber on the working medium is poor; the oil seal is immersed in oil washing or gasoline for a long time, and the lips are swollen.
Solution: reduce the temperature of the working medium, or use the heat -re


Pursue quality excellence and provide better products and services for the sake of customers

Over the years, KNT Oil Seals has always adhered to the concept of “pursuing excellent quality and providing customers with more perfect products and services”, making every product seriously and treating every customer enthusiastically. Product quality is guaranteed, we have many famous products, such as automobile shock absorber oil seals, engine oil seals, high-temperature oil seals, low-temperature oil seals, etc.

Fully implement the advanced model of research and development, production and management with “6S” as the core, strict quality management, and recognized by traditional quality agencies.

IATF16949: 2016 General Motors Industry Quality Management System Certification, which proves the ability to provide customers with excellent quality products. The company is committed to the research and development of various new oil seal products. Always regard product quality as a fundamental task. Adhere to customer-centered, reputation as the lifeline, customer satisfaction as the goal, and actively carry out continuous reform and innovation in production technology, material technology, experimental technology, and other aspects. Provide OEM support and services for many enterprises.

Shandong KNT Oil Seal Co., Ltd. is located in Laiyang, Laiyang, a beautiful Jiaodong Peninsula city. The company is located in China. Yantai. Laiyang. It is no more than 90 kilometers away from Yantai and Qingdao airports.

The company specializes in the production of various motorcycle and automobile shock absorber sealing products, Youhua engine oil seals, valve oil seals, bridge oil seals, gearbox oil seals, air spring oil seals, air conditioner compressor oil seals, Huaxuan oil seals, rubber oil seals, and other products are research and development, Manufacturing as one of the specialized companies.

After -sales service

General service

Service, as the lifeline of the company’s survival and development, insists on providing every customer with high-quality and efficient after-sales service. Customers are an important object of enterprise development, and improving customer service quality has become the key to the survival and development of enterprises.

Quality first, customer first. Providing customers with high-quality oil seal products is the best service in itself. Putting customers first and paying full attention to customers is the starting point of the company’s operations.

After-sales service work is to maximize the protection of customer rights and interests, timely collect product quality problems after leaving the factory, unify customer rights and corporate interests, and strive to improve the quality of after-sales service. The company is responsible for product quality.


  1. For product sales, openly promise to customers: quality first, customer first.
  2. For the sale of products, all after-sales service files must be established for long-term follow-up services.
  3. Listen to customers’ opinions and suggestions, continuously improve working methods, and strive to satisfy customers.
  4. For product sales, ensure quality and quantity, sell products with quality problems, and try to meet customer needs.

After-sales service standard

  1. The employees of the company should promote the corporate culture and establish the company image with a sincere and enthusiastic service attitude and first-class service quality;
  2. The service is timely, fast, and accurate.
  3. Be warm, polite, and kind to pre-sales customers, in-sales customers, and after-sales customers.