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First of all, we summarized several common reasons for oil leakage:


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durable china oil seal design oil seal is the custom of general seals. Simply put, it is the seal of lubricating oil. It is a mechanical component used to seal oil (oil is the most common liquid substance in the transmission system, and also refers to the general liquid substance). It isolates the parts that need to be lubricated from the contributing parts in the transmission part, so that the lubrication will not leak oil. The seals used in static seals and dynamic seals (generally reciprocating) are called oil seals.

First of all, we summarized several common reasons for oil leakage:

1) Reasons for assembly

① Due to the pressure of the installation, the oil seal is deformed after pressure;

② During the assembly process, the oil seal is scratched at the mouth of the lip through the thread or flower key;

③ Due to the low roughness of the oil seal and the pressure of the pressure, the spring fails or the lips are flipped.


2) Something cause

Due to the material and manufacturing problem of oil seal spring, the performance fails. The form of the spring failure is: the spring is too tight or too loose, the spring pressure is small when the spring is too loose, and the sealing effect cannot be achieved. When the tightness is too tight, the spring pressure tightness is large. Oil oil leakage.


3) Reasons for working medium

The working medium is oil. The selection of oil seal materials should consider the compatibility of the oil. The two compatibility of the two should produce bloating, hardening, softening, cracking, etc. of the lips, and eventually oil leakage.

4) Causes of lip -mouth wear

① Cleaning problem: casting sand, machine processing iron dumbs, oil impurities, etc., and a large amount of oil sealing lip mouth, abnormal wear at work;

② Different axes of oil seal and rotation shaft, partial grinding after the oil seal was pressed, and abnormal wear of the lips;

③ The lithium base lubrication at the mouth of the oil seal is poor, and dry friction will cause abnormal wear.

5) Reasons for axis

① The rotating axis surface roughness and hardness are unreasonable. At present, the car industry generally selects the roughness of not less than 0.8. High -frequency quenching will be used with the oil seal cooperation part, and the hardness is not lower than HRC55;

② There are defects on the surface of the rotating shaft, such as: corrosion, scratch, orbid knife marks.

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