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wiper seal

A wiper seal, also known as a scraper seal, is a type of sealing device used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to prevent contaminants from entering the cylinder and damaging the system.
The wiper seal is typically installed at the rod end of the cylinder, where it contacts the rod and wipes away any dirt, dust, or other particles that may have accumulated on the rod surface. This helps to keep the cylinder clean and extend the life of the system.
Wiper seals are typically made of a flexible material such as rubber, polyurethane, or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), and are designed to fit tightly around the cylinder rod to prevent contaminants from entering the system. Some wiper seals also have a secondary sealing function to prevent fluid leakage.
The selection of the appropriate wiper seal depends on the specific application and operating conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and the type of fluid used in the system. Wiper seals are an important component in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as they help ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the system.