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Chinese rubber oil seal

In mechanical engineering, the high-efficiency rubber oil seal under the chinese skeleton oil seal is a key sealing element, its main function is to seal the oil in the rotating shaft to ensure the smooth operation of mechanical equipment. These oil seals are also known as rotary shaft lip seals because their relatively static inner chamber is primarily responsible for sealing the contact interface between the rotary shaft and the external environment.


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The oil seal under the high-efficiency Chinese rubber oil seal is a sealing element for sealing oil in the rotary shaft in mechanical equipment, and the inner cavity is basically static, so the oil seal is also called the rotary shaft lip seal. The oil seal is mainly composed of a sealing body, a reinforcing frame and a self-tightening coil spring.

The role of each part is:

1. Lip part

The end of the lip is an oblique wedge shape. Press the axis surface at the end of the end to play a role of sealed fluid.

2. Seal lip

The sealing lip is a flexible elastic body. It is a design that can still maintain a stable sealing effect on the impact of the vibration of mechanical vibration and the pressure of the sealing fluid, and play a role in maintaining the stable contact state of the lip and the axis surface.

3. Dust -proof lips

The dust -proof lips are the auxiliary lips that are not connected to the spring, which plays a role in preventing dust invasion.

4. Cooperation

The cooperation part is that the oil seal is fixed in the cavity hole, and it plays the effect of leakage and invasion from the contact surface of the inner surface of the cavity from the external axis surface of the oil.

In addition, spring can increase the tightness of the sealing lips to the axis to maintain this pressure.

The metal skeleton is the role of maintaining a cooperative force when the oil seal is fixed in the cavity.

Since we recognize the names of each part, how can we test whether the oil seal is qualified?

1. Check the quality of the appearance. The surface of the skeleton oil seal must be smooth, without burrs, cracks, bubbles, angle lacks, and impurities embedded; the edge of the lip of the oil protection lips is sharp angle, without gaps, hair edges and uneven phenomena. The exposure width of the lip mouth and shaft is generally 0.13 to 0.5mm, and the best width is 0.25mm; the bonding of rubber and the enhanced ring should be tightly loose. The pressed convex characters indicate “shaft diameter × outer diameter × height”, manufacturer name and trademark, and the handwriting should be clear.

2. Measure the size of the oil seal with a cashmere caliper. The inner diameter is best to use the scale to use the scale to check whether the combined padding tightness is appropriate. If the inner diameter of the oil seal is greater than 30 to 90mm, the tolerance is -1.0 ~+0.7mm; if the height is greater than 4mm, the tolerance is -0.3 ~+0.40mm. According to the needs and premise, the oil-resistant machine can be tested. Soak 24h in the No. 25 transmission oil at (70 ± 5) ° C, the weight change should be -3%~+5%; The mixture of (75%) and benzene (25%) is soaked for 24 hours, and the weight change should not exceed+20%. According to the requirements of the manufacturer, the oil sealing edge should be appropriate with the coordinated target, which will affect the service life of the oil seal, and the sealing function will be worse.

3. When the mechanical is working, the radial force of the oil seal lips to the axis of the shaft causes the oil film with a thickness of about 2.5mm on the interface. This is the essence of the skeleton oil sealing.

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