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The most commonly used theory of oil film sealing is the theory of oil membrane seal, that is


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1. Sealing principle:
Excellent china oil seal design The oil film seal theory is the most commonly used oil film seal theory, that is, the oil seal with a very narrow sealing contact surface of the main sealing lip forms a certain contact pressure with the rotating shaft, and forms a layer of lubricating oil film on the surface of the shaft (about 0.0025mm thick , to achieve the sealing function. As an elastomer seal, the rubber inoculated bullet strategy makes it have good follow-up compensation performance for the shaft, so that a good sealing effect can be obtained in the diameter direction of the small column:

2. The form of lip mouth seal:
There are many types of oil seal lips. According to the structure type, it can be divided into non -streamlined type and a flow line type. There is a streamlined oil seal. The absorption of the return effect can be leaked back to the sealing cavity when working at work, thereby showing the performance of the sealing performance, bringing back the streamlined oil seal with strong sealing performance, long working life, low viscosity media, high line speed, etc. Universal applications have been obtained in work conditions
The oil seal flow line is divided into one -way streamline and two -way streamlines. The oil seal of the single white streamline requires the detailed rotation direction as the rotation direction of the streamline. Both can produce pump suction return effects. The two -way streamline oil seal is mainly designed on the lip surface air side to design triangle convex blocks (or grooves), waves, waveform lips, etc. Created with waveforms. It can prevent the oil from gathered in Zhu Zhu, but also allows a slightly thicker oil film. While producing the effect of killing and absorbing, it can make the frictional resistance only half of the flow line oil seal.

3. Factors affecting oil seal life
In addition to the effect of the oil seal, in addition to the impact of the material, another important indicator is that the lip mouth is rising, the lip mouth temperature rising is related to the radial force, line fan, rubber friction coefficient and thermal conductivity. Various comprehensive prisoner, obtain the best sealing performance with a small radial force, thereby reducing the temperature rise of lips and increased the service life of the oil seal

4. Parameter indicators of oil seal:
1. The working scope of rubber oil seal is as follows:
1. The work pressure of Bodian oil seal: 0–0.03 mpa, high pressure oil sealing can reach 1-10MPa
2. Line speed: low speed <5 meters/s, high speed 5 ~ 25 meters, seconds, ultra -high speed can reach 25 meters/second
3. Work temperature: -50 ~ 250 ° C (depending on the type of rubber!.
4, medium: various mineral oil, water, weak rotten liquid, etc.
5. Life: 4 years or 100,000 to 200,000 kilometers, sometimes the same life as the vehicle.
2. Various material performance indicators of oil sealing
The basic requirements of automotive oil sealing are long life, simple structure, reasonable price, and convenient maintenance. At present, car oil seal materials mainly include Ding Qingxiang school NBR), polyacryl acid rain gum (ACM), East rubber (FKM), ammonia chemical cards, ammonia chemical cards (HNBR: Wait.
Dingyan rubber (NBR, has good heat resistance, wear resistance resistance to various lubricants, lubricating fingers, oil and gas mixtures, etc., applicable to -40 ~ 120 ° C, mostly used for shock absorbers oil seal, bridge oil seal, etc.
Acrylic Golfur shock gum (ACM, oil resistance and thermal resistance is close to the anti -odor room. For external radiation, especially the two polar compressive lubricants, gear oil, motor oil, engine oil, oil -based hydraulic oil, etc., applicable to applicable. Working in the range of -30 ~ 150 ℃, mostly used for half-axis oil seal, gearbox oil seal, etc. The disadvantages are poor low temperature elasticity, poor abrasion resistance, and gradually replaced by rubber.
Stupid like glue (FKM) is resistant to aging, heat resistance, oil resistance. Almost all the dried oil, fuel oil, gasoline, and oil containing additives are not easy to harden, but cold resistance is poor, suitable for temperature- 25 ~ 50C, mainly used for high -temperature and high -speed oil seals such as engine oil seal and bridge main cone oil seal.
Among the above -mentioned oil sealing materials, Dingra Rubber (NBR) is the cheapest, followed by polyacrylate like dumplings (ACM). Fluorine rubber (FKM) is the most expensive. From the perspective of use, gold rubber oil seal is cost -effective at its cost performance High life span, long life, and excellent comprehensive performance are widely used.

5. The use site and classification of oil seal:

The oil seal is mainly divided into engine oil seals, gear -transmission oil seals, and bridge oil seals according to the use site.
Engine oil seal: Oil seals are generally used in the front and rear oil seals of the axis or PTFE+felt, which is rotated from the front of the axis, and the left rotation is left. This medium is divided into: gasoline oil, diesel engine oil;
Garway box oil seal; divided into one -axis, two -axis oil seal, brake oil seal, differential oil seal, etc. Due to the speedy speed of the transmission, sealing medium gear oil, the previous transmission stupid oil seal is generally used in ACM, and now it is developed to FKM or PTFE. : Or the structure is developing towards complexity, the first axis oil seal right rotation, and the two -axis oil is left to the left. Due to the assembly, the inner lining skeleton is generally required. The main role is to prevent the oil seal from turning the lips.
Bridge oil seal: Active cone gear oil seal, Guitong shaft oil seal, half -axis oil seal and wheel oil seal. Among them, the semi -pumping oil seal is divided into: half -axis oil seal, half -axis outer oil seal; wheel oil seal is divided into: front wheels to teach oil seal, rear wheel oil seal (inside and outside). The sealing medium of the main cone oil seal and the Jiayao shaft oil seal is gear oil. Most of the previous NBR ACMs are used, and now they are developing to FKM. Individual manufacturers are based on PTFE oil pairs, and the current bridge structure has also changed. The medium and wheel oil seal 2 uses gear oil in total, so the structure and material of the wheel oil seal change have changed. Therefore, the material has gradually developed to FKM and HNBR, and the structure is developed to the box -type oil seal with powerful wading functions.

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